What the heart wants

She’s a rebel. He follows the rules.
He’s a romantic. She doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers.
Sometimes opposites attract.
Sometimes love doesn’t make sense.
But you know what they say:
The heart wants…
What the heart wants.




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  • Another successful Thanksgiving ...
  • Ventured out after breakfast to take MOG vinyl shopping ...
  • When I became a mom, I was freakin clueless. 
When Fig Jr was born and given to me,  I wondered how I would ever raise this newborn all the way to adulthood. 
When we took our son home, I was terrified. But then I learned who he was. He was an excellent feeder. He was an incredible sleeper. He was an old soul with a patient temperament.

As he grew, he only became more awesome. We've been through it all as mother and son. We've laughed until our bellies hurt. We've cried hard tears. We've learned all about challenges and especially about diabetes. We've gone to Seahawks games, Disneyland, and even to meet Peter Fachinelli. Last night, we watched the Astros win the World Series.

And then this odd thing happened. I woke up this morning and Fig Jr. turned 21 years old. 
Somehow, I did it. I raised that newborn into an adult, and I couldn't be more proud of him. 
Happy Birthday, Cameron! ❤
  • MiniCran, Halloween 2017 🍊❤🍊🍁🍬
  • Current status ...
  • ***GIVEAWAY*** This morning, I was a guest on the Noches en Florencia podcast for hope. The show addressed the recent natural disasters in Mexico and Puerto Rico and the numerous ways we can help citizens recover from the devastation.

For today only, I'll be hosting an ebook giveaway. Simply make a donation to one of the charitable organizations listed below and send me a screenshot of your contribution. In appreciation, I will gift you an ebook of either Constellation or Musings. If you already own these ebooks, I will happily gift a copy to the winner of your choosing.

This giveaway will remain open until 12:00 AM Pacific time tonight and no one is responsible for it except for me.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Mexican Red Cross: https://cruzrojadonaciones.org/

Hispanic Federation: https://hispanicfederation.org/donate
  • I took time for my mammogram yesterday. #savethetatas🎀
  • MiniCran - First day of 7th grade. Bring on the MiniTeens.